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Soft Tissue Therapy treats many of the minor and chronic musculoskeletal pains, injuries and dysfunction caused by any number of life’s stresses and strains; the inevitable part of life which most people are likely to encounter in one form or another over the years. And although sport can be a common factor, it is far from being the main or only issue in the majority of cases.

The human body is an amazing self-repairing organism but it can’t always remedy the accidents, injuries and overuse stress we encounter. Becoming less adaptive with age, the cumulative effects of postural and occupational stress, together with the legacy of past injuries, eventually take their toll. Typical ailments such as neck and backache, shoulder, hip and knee pain might not justify more serious medical treatment, but they do affect our enjoyment of life and deserve to be treated.

Set within a framework of assessment and rehabilitation procedures, Soft Tissue Therapy combines a range of advanced soft tissue bodywork techniques and principles in a way that best meet the specific needs of the individual for both Sporting Performance and General Lifestyle enhancement. Embracing recovery and remedy it helps identify the underlying causes of injury and how a client’s body structure works in the context of their everyday movement demands. It offers remedial advice in physical wellbeing and injury prevention to help counteract continued and potential problems in the future.

The framework of Soft Tissue techniques includes the more familiar deep tissue sports and remedial massage, but on a much higher clinical level than just sports massage alone. These hands-on myofascial techniques have been developed to improve the body’s healing potential and effectively reduce many of the painful symptoms encountered within the musculoskeletal system. They treat through layers of soft tissue, with the depth and pressure appropriate to the individual’s needs. This will depend on the specific site of pain together with the wider underlying causes, referred pain and compensatory dysfunction; in many cases the site of pain is not necessarily the cause of the problem.

Treatment of a specific injury or long-term unresolved tension can be uncomfortable. So where the physical training or lifestyle load is known to be significant, it is preferable to plan regular treatments as an injury prevention measure or for the ongoing maintenance of comfortable physical and mental wellbeing.

Ian Pollard

Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports & Remedial Massage

BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy LSSM / ISRM


The benefits of regular Soft Tissue Therapy/ Sports & Remedial Massage

The Sporting Benefits include:

  • Treatment and recovery from minor and chronic soft tissue injuries encountered through training activity and competition
  • Facilitates a quicker return to sporting activities, performance and enjoyment
  • Reduces risk of injury, facilitating and maintaining a more enjoyable and rewarding sporting environment
  • Improves soft tissue, muscle and biomechanical efficiency, enhancing posture, movement and technique for greater fitness and sporting economy
  • Enables increase in quality and quantity of training; permits and prepares for smarter training
  • Enhanced performance and recovery, contributes to reaching objectives, goals and potential
  • Opportunity to identify and rectify potential sources of injury and dysfunction; helps avoid repeat injuries
  • Extends the overall life of your sporting career
  • General multi-sport advice and sport specific assistance

The Lifestyle Benefits include:

  • Treatment and recovery from minor and chronic musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries and on-going problems
  • Assists a quicker return to the daily routines of work, leisure and lifestyle activity
  • Helps avoid further or repeat injuries and helps maintain a comfortable state of general wellbeing
  • Eases repetitive over-use issues encountered by activities such as gardening, decorating, driving etc
  • Enhances a fit and active lifestyle, prolonging fitness and enjoyment of fitness with age
  • Contributes to good posture, aiding balance and coordination
  • Post operation rehabilitation

Treating musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries through Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports & Remedial Massage:

  • General advice for a healthier lifestyle and mind-body balance
  • Advice on posture, strengthening and stability exercises, stretching techniques, mobility and flexibility for effective and enjoyable movement

Lisa Thynne BSc. Ac. Hmed AOM

Offering Pre & Post Natal Care

Acupoint/ Acupuncture Massage Herbs:

  • fertility
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Morning Sickness
  • Birth preparation & Induction
  • Turning Breach
  • Post Natal Care

What to expect in treatment: 

A treatment consists of diagnosis, looking at the tongue, feeling the pulse, observing, palpating and asking questions about general functions and symptoms.

Lisa Thynne is a Qualified acupuncturist. Specialising in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage and Cranial Therapy Bodywork.

Lisa began her training in Remedial Massage at the Northern institute of Massage in 1988 along side vocational training in an Osteopathic systems.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture an ancient health system with over 3000 years of recorded history, is used extensively throughout the whole of Asia, in private clinics and specialised TCM Hospitals, where its clear clinical effectiveness and documented research are now seeing an increase of interest and its use worldwide.

Acupuncture can be used for physical and emotional wellbeing. Better sense of control over own health. Reduced stress and increased relaxation levels.

Deep Tissue, Remedial Massage

Massage for remedy of Aches, pains and injury, to ward of the stresses and strains of every day life, or just to unwind.

Aimed at problem areas, working deeply to clear knots, strains and tensions in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, improving circulation and draining lymph. combined with lisa’s knowledge of acupressure, and postural alignment techniques, thi9s treatment is deeply therapeutic, and corrective of many issues and ailments, adapted to the needs and tolerance of the patients and the condition being treated.





Cranial Therapy & Bodywork

A gentle, soothing technique, that produces a profound relaxation, yet has a very palpable physical effect on the alignment of the whole body. This gentle approach makes it suitable even for those who don’t like, or have conditions that don’t respond to more forceful treatments.

Especially good to clear birth trauma in infants and babies and to help mothers recover after giving birth.

Cranial Therapy works to free restrictions and restore natural movement of the joints in the head and face, by simply holding and supporting the joints and allowing the tensions to naturally unwind.

These joints have micro movement when we breath in and out, synchronised in all bones and joints of the body, which acts as a pump for the vital fluid that surrounds our brain and spinal cord, known as Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF).  Restriction in this natural movement and flow effect the co-ordination, movement and alignment of the whole body via the dural and fascia attachments. Mood emotions and organ function can also be effected via the pressure or restricted flow to the nervous system caused by dysfunction in what is known as secondary respiration, the breathing of our body, subsequently release of restrictions here improves function in these areas.

Extended to joints of the body, this method allows gentle alignment and more natural release of injuries and strain. It is a very effective treatment used solely or as part of a combination treatment.

Foot Massage

Stimulates the reflexes of the whole body, soothes aches and pains and removes tension form our hard working feet that carry the weight of our whole body everyday. Tired legs always benefit from a massage, which improves flexibility of the knees, hips and spine.

Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports & Remedial Massage  £70

Relaxing  Full Body Massage (1-hr) – £55  1/2hr £33   (1.5 hrs) £80

Cranial Therapy & Bodywork  (1hr) – £55

Foot Massage (1hr) – £55 (1/2) – £33

Abdominal Massage (1hr) – £55 (1/2) – £33

Lymphatic Drainage (1hr) – £55 (1/2) – £33

Pre & Post Natal Massage (1-hr) – £55  1/2hr £33   (1.5 hrs) £80


  • What our clients say

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Margaret Capon 'I sought help with the executive function issues associated with dyslexia, dyscalculia and possible ADHD in order to be in the best place to study for a professional qualification whilst working. I found the results of working with Margaret to be incredible. I can quantify how much my function has improved and how much better I am at dealing with distraction, mental blocks, prioritisation and meeting deadlines without drama. The focus I have been able to achieve without going into exhausting hyperfocus has been unprecedented and I've been able to meet some tough objectives but also remembered to take breaks. It has been a joy to work with a practitioner who has an understanding of empathy with the neurodiverse functioning mind. The positive effect on all aspects of life have been such a boost And have freed up time and mental capacity. A huge thank you! Very much appreciated and happy travels! NP

  • What our clients say

    I had my first experience of Acupuncture with Lisa for ongoing neck and shoulder pain. I had tried everything but after two sessions it went away completely. It was a very good experience. Lisa really tuned into my body and used a range of Chinese medicine techniques to investigate what I needed. I would definitely recommend this form of treatment. LS