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Foot Care Specialist – Michelle Holmes

Foot Care Specialist

  • Foot Care

Sarah Attwood



Kim Creswell

Medical Herbalist (MNIMH)

  • Herbal Medicine

Anne Schreiber

Clinic Founder & Owner

Lucy Morland


  • Physiotherapy

Frances Pitman


  • Frances Pitman

Ian Pollard

Massage Therapist

  • Soft Tissue Therapy - Sports & Remedial Massage

Lucy Beney

Registered Counsellor

  • Counselling

Margaret Capon

Counselling & Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

  • Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Pauline Brown

Registered Counsellor

  • Bereavment & Trauma Counselling
  • What our clients say

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Margaret Capon 'I sought help with the executive function issues associated with dyslexia, dyscalculia and possible ADHD in order to be in the best place to study for a professional qualification whilst working. I found the results of working with Margaret to be incredible. I can quantify how much my function has improved and how much better I am at dealing with distraction, mental blocks, prioritisation and meeting deadlines without drama. The focus I have been able to achieve without going into exhausting hyperfocus has been unprecedented and I've been able to meet some tough objectives but also remembered to take breaks. It has been a joy to work with a practitioner who has an understanding of empathy with the neurodiverse functioning mind. The positive effect on all aspects of life have been such a boost And have freed up time and mental capacity. A huge thank you! Very much appreciated and happy travels! NP

  • What our clients say

    I had my first experience of Acupuncture with Lisa for ongoing neck and shoulder pain. I had tried everything but after two sessions it went away completely. It was a very good experience. Lisa really tuned into my body and used a range of Chinese medicine techniques to investigate what I needed. I would definitely recommend this form of treatment. LS